Kickstarting with Rallista Drive Packs

Rallista is an app for enthusiasts by enthusiasts. When we set out to develop Rallista we did so because we love driving and wanted to share that with others. Over the past few years as self driving tech has become more invasive and more prevalent it made us realize that the things we love about driving— the camaraderie, the adventure, the excitement — are something we have taken for granted. We started Rallista to make sure that recreational driving sticks around for good.

Our idea of the enthusiast’s future is what formed the basis for Rallista and we hope to kickstart Rallista to a scale where we can help grow the hobby for the future. Through our app, we hope to encourage and educate drivers, both novice and expert. Through the love of the drive, we aim to help others fall in love with cars all over again. Whether you do it to preserve a storied history of engineering and workmanship, for pure adventure, relaxation, or the occasional misadventure, we all love the hobby and hope it continues.

Rallista has been hard at work creating curated drive packs with tried and true adventures. These are the drives that solidified our love for adventure and we hope will make driving a lasting hobby for younger generations. Drive packs are created by professionals and feature drives that give our users one of a kind experiences. With all activities being limited due to the state of our country during a pandemic, we invite you to take a socially distant adventure for less than the cost of many other lesiure activities. Do you have a car? Do you have Rallista? Pay for a drive pack and go! With no other barriers of entry, no specialty gear is required, just your car and the open road.

Help Rallista move forward and improve our platform by buying a drive pack today, We’ve spent a lot of time trying to perfect your experience, but there is still ample room for improvement: We would love to hear what you think! We look forward to your feedback and want to make professionally curated, pay-per-drive packs available worldwide. Imagine arriving in a city you know little about and being able to leisurely drive the best roads there are, all while continuing to grow our driving enthusiast community! We firmly believe that whether you drive something straight out of a junkyard or Ferrari 250 GTO, we all love driving for the same reason — Let’s make the journey one to remember!

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