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The Fiat 124 outside of Telluride on the 2018 Silver Summit. Photo by Andrew Snucins

Day 1 starts with a series of pops, misfires, and cranky engines. A group of enthusiasts from Oklahoma City are clustered around a Sprite trying desperately to get the timing adjusted for altitude while various other adventurers work to stem the flow of leaking power steering fluid, check the oil, and chat about what the coming day might hold.

My co-driver and I have more to worry about than most. We’ve chosen to bring our 71’ Fiat 124 on this year’s adventure, making a bold gambit that our recently re-worked suspension and engine will stand up to the three day…

Rallista is an app for enthusiasts by enthusiasts. When we set out to develop Rallista we did so because we love driving and wanted to share that with others. Over the past few years as self driving tech has become more invasive and more prevalent it made us realize that the things we love about driving— the camaraderie, the adventure, the excitement — are something we have taken for granted. We started Rallista to make sure that recreational driving sticks around for good.

Our idea of the enthusiast’s future is what formed the basis for Rallista and we hope to…

An Intro to Rallista. Photo Credit Andrew Snucins

We know there are a lot of navigation apps out there, but after spending the past two decades out looking for adventure in classic cars with other enthusiasts, we realized that something critical was missing. Most apps are developed to get you from A to B, to make driving a route as mindless as possible. Rallista is different.

Rallista focuses instead on taking “The road less traveled” — focusing on the journey, not the end points. At Rallista we want to facilitate new adventures — to show you roads you never knew existed. We want to help you make new…


The App for Driving Enthusiasts

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